Centerpiece ideas.

Choosing a centerpiece maybe the hardest decision you make make after choosing your colors and table arrangement. It completes the whole theme of the wedding and is the one thing that every guest stares at during dinner.

So what do you choose? Here are some of the ideas I’ve seen over the years.

  1. Clear vase with rocks the match the colors of the wedding. STEP UP: Add water and Fish that match the color.
  2. Wooden candle case. STEP UP: Add a candle and lite it. Then add matching flowers that are wrapped around it.
  3. Flowers bunched together into a round circle. STEP UP: All Long stem roses and put them up high enough so the sitting guest can see each other.
  4. Gift baskets full of prizes that the guest at the table can win during a game. STEP UP: Add special family photos and personal notes of appreciation.
  5. Candy Vase. Fill it with Jelly beans and Lollipops or Skittles and Red vines. STEP UP: Add full boxes of candy.
  6. Chocolate fountain. Surrounded by fresh fruit and Marshmallows. STEP UP: Add a cheese fondue set as well.