How much should you drink at your wedding? Part 1

Far be it for me to tell you how much to drink, but I will say you should try to avoid drinking so much you pass out or throw up on your dress. Here are some of the things I’ve seen over the years that should be avoided.

Kaua’i Hawaii is a beautiful place to get married but the tropical setting can set the theme for over consumption. In 2015 I was DJ a wedding in Kaua’i and the party was for over 75 People from Montana. They had decided to start drinking around 8am. The wedding was supposed to start at 4pm. It was delayed because they couldn’t find the Maid of Honor. She was last seen by the pool sleeping off the morning drinks. The bridal party looked everywhere she was no where to be found. They decided to continue with the wedding.

After the ceremony I was playing music for dinner when the MOH showed up. She was drunk and said she was sorry for all that she missed and wanted to get them something special. The Bride was upset and they started to argue. The argument got so loud that the security for the hotel came over and asked her to leave. She started to cuss out the staff and the others there. Security tried to escort her out when she sat down on the dance floor and relived herself. Then got up and tried to run but the floor was wet and she kept slipping and falling. Security tried to grab her but they started to slip too.

The MOH crawled on her hands and knees to the coy pond and rolled in. The security team was now at the edge of the pond yelling at her to get out. She apparently had experience of grabbing fish and tossing them from growing up in Montana and that skill came in handy. She started grabbing coy fish and throwing them at the security team. They didn’t want the coy fish hurt so they tried to catch them and put them back in.

After 45 minutes of fish throwing the police showed up. MOH husband was there and he was a off duty sheriff. So he started get involved. Now the wedding party is yelling at each other. Some defending her and others mad at her. KPD called for back up and more Police showed up. The husband started to cuss at the local police and they went to handcuff him when his friends got up and ran over to defend him. The yelling got louder and the police started to arrest guest.

They eventually got the MOH out of the coy pond and took them all to jail. The bride was visibly disturbed and wept openly. She kept saying “We spent over 85K on this wedding and its ruined.” I was told to cut the music by staff and the party was ending because of all the commotion. Wedding ended at 7:15pm.

Sometimes its not the amount you drink, its the amount your guest drink. If you have anyone in circle that might be a problem. I would recommend you have a talk with them and give them a limit. Or roll the dice and see what happens. Either way it doesn’t matter to me. I’m paid up front. lol