Food… how much and when?

Dinner for over 100 people can be complicated. It’s hard to find a meal everyone will agree on… Not to mention fill them up. If you have drinking at your wedding you will need to have enough food to make sure everyone isn’t too drunk and acting crazy. Main meal should be Meat, potatoes, salad, bread rolls. Keep it simple, You can choose Chicken, steak, or Lamb. Mashed, baked, or Scalped potatoes. Basic salad with 4 types of dressings. Plus a dinner roll and everyone is happy. Then at 9pm have a Taco Truck show up and serve “Drunk” food to help sober up your guest before they drive home. Street tacos, Hot dogs, even a pizza oven are all popular for second meal. You could also have an ice cream truck show up and serve ice cream.