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For example, Connell et al. However, this type of tool may only be used by individuals who are educated in the use of this tool. The Rio+20 outcome document reaffirms the key role of all levels of government and legislative bodies in promoting sustainable development. According to Only with such a facilitator can a community of diverse interests define a shared vision and act consistent with this vision. (2009) explore the involvement of local and regional government in sustainable tourism planning under the national tourism strategy of New Zealand and reveal the dual role of the public sector as a gatekeeper of tourism development through planning control and a facilitator of economic growth powered by tourism. which aims to “develop and implement tools to monitor sustainable development impacts for sustainable tourism that creates jobs and promotes local culture and products”. Building sustainable communities, as well as sustainable forms of livelihood, including tourism, has been a key objective among many government agencies and community stakeholders. The role of National Government in the travel and tourism sector 2. Role of national government in travel & tourism 1. Yet in addition to their direct roles in the development process, perhaps the most important role that local authorities can play in a global economy is that of facilitator among the diverse interests seeking to influence the direction of local development. The implementation of a sustainable development policy demands the establishment of general rules that may be applied by all entities part of the tourism economy including local government agencies, tourist organizations, and tourism-related businesses (Szymańska, 2013). Government activities: Formulation of national policies re tourism growth and development Investment in tourism facilities Promotion of the country as a tourism destination Using the tax system, government purchasing power and other financial tools to steer private capital toward investment in renewable energy and other sustainability technologies and businesses. Against this background, and through the lens of role theory, the present study investigates the potential for sustainable tourism to be developed in a rural community. 3. The importance of sustainable tourism is also highlighted in SDG target 12.b. The role of key stakeholders in sustainable tourism development: the case study of Nelson/Marlborough/Golden Bay in New Zealand The role of government in building the sustainable economy includes: Funding basic science needed for renewable energy and renewable resource technology. Data were gathered among business …

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