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The was the first year that I have ever seen them as they are somewhat rare. 2 thoughts on “ Scarlet Leather Flower ” A true Texas native and one we can claim as uniquely Texan as it is only found in the Edwards Plateau (the hill country) of our state. Bookmark the permalink . collect. Scarlet clematis is a beautiful, delicate vine that grows only in the Edwards Plateau, along streams, on shady limestone ledges, or on rich bottomlands. The brilliant red, urn-shaped flowers that appear in spring and early summer are actually sepals that curve backward at the tips. Noun 1. Scarlet Leather Flower - Clematis texensis. Clematis texensis - woody vine of Texas having showy solitary nodding scarlet flowers scarlet clematis clematis - any … overview; data; media; articles; maps; names; Josh*m cc-by-nc-sa Clematis texensis (Scarlet Leather Flower) is a species of woody plants in the family Ranunculaceae. Scarlet Leather Flower is a photoautotroph. Scarlet Leather Flower Clematis texensis Buckl. THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Texas Clematis, Scarlet Clematis or Scarlet Leather Flower (Clematis texensis) - This is a native perennial vine common in Central Texas and Edwards plateau. This entry was posted in Flowers, Hiking and tagged Clematis texensis, Flowers, Hiking, McKinney Falls State Park, Music, Scarlet Leather Flower by treshabarger. It has broad leaves. Scarlet leather flower synonyms, Scarlet leather flower pronunciation, Scarlet leather flower translation, English dictionary definition of Scarlet leather flower. It is a climber.

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