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However, it needs 3 inches of clearance on the sides and back for adequate ventilation per the manufacturer. Possible Solution. It also lets you turn the inner light on and off.Â. Opal is smart enough to know when to start and stop making ice so you’re never left without it. Cancer and Reproductive Harm - It gets better, though. Keep your Opal looking - and tasting fresh. Similarly, Sonic ice breaks apart more easily when you chew on it thanks to its pitted surface. After five more minutes, the machine starts popping out perfect nuggets, and it can churn out about 1 pound per hour. This is a malfunctioning Opal Nugget FirstBuild Ice maker. Don’t be alarmed—the first cubes are not “cube-y” at all. Because they’re made this way, nugget ice cubes are supposed to be easier to chew, and many people say they retain the flavor of the drink as well.Â, To start making these special cubes, I removed the ice bin to access the water tank and used a large measuring cup to pour 10 cups (2.5 quarts) of water inside. Even bottled water can … You appear to have cookies or Javascript disabled, or are in Private Browsing Mode. Before you can use the Opal Nugget Ice Maker, you have to run a cleaning cycle. Minerals have probably built up over time. That’s not to say the Opal nugget ice is bad—it definitely isn’t! This ice maker has Bluetooth technology that lets you set a schedule via your smartphone. By that standard, the Opal is a bargain!Â. When tested side by side, it’s clear that the Opal ice isn’t an exact dupe for Sonic ice. The co-create community at FirstBuild has carefully designed the Opal with the enthusiast in mind: people who drop by their favorite restaurant on the weekend to pick up a bag of that special soft ice or have googled “nugget ice maker for home” only to find that home nugget ice makers start at $2000 - $3000. FirstBuild; Opal Nugget Ice Maker Opal Nugget Ice Maker. Limitations: The Limited Warranty is extended to the original purchaser for products purchased for home use within the US and Canada. Opal Nugget Ice Maker. Keep in mind: This task is much easier to do if the ice maker is placed near the sink, as the machine is quite heavy and cumbersome to move. We will not cover shipping costs. Opal ice comes out in half-inch cylinders, and they’re actually pretty solid. Opal Flake Ice Maker gives you the soft, fast ice you desire—anywhere you choose. FirstBuild's Opal nugget ice maker packs ice crystals into nuggets of crunchy ice. At first, a stream of water flows into the ice bin, but there are holes in the bottom that let the liquid drain back into the water tank. The Opal has a built-in water resovoir, but comes with a separate side-tank that gives you more water, which leads to less filling, and more constant ice production. Opal makes the chewable, crunchable, flavor-saving nugget ice you love. You may also know this as "the good ice." I tried it in everything from soda and cocktails to a copycat recipe for Sonic Cherry Limeade, and I liked that it soaks up a little of the drink’s taste. Opal produces 24 lb per day of soft, nugget ice at a countertop price. Opal Nugget Ice Maker. The $500 Opal Nugget Ice from GE FirstBuild plans to turn the dream of making crunchy nugget ice at home a reality. I always end up mashing it, and half the time, it doesn’t work on the first try. Not all ice is created equal—at least that’s what fans of “nugget ice” will tell you. You are about to exit and enter a new experience in co-create. Opal doesn’t make any ice at all. Made by GE’s co-creation outfit FirstBuild, it’s a countertop ice maker that can produce up to 24 pounds of nugget ice per day. Shop for the Profile Opal Nugget Ice Maker and have the ice you love to chew at home! FirstBuild will provide full refunds for unopened units up to 14 business days after you have received the unit. Quality and elegance at a more affordable price point. The machine has a minimalistic stainless steel exterior with a see-through plastic pull-out ice bin and a single light-up control button. Water quality is very important to the function and required maintenance of your ice maker. Take a look at our selection of the best ice cube trays. of Ice a Day in Stainless Steel, Melt Resistant Interior, Self Cleaning Function and BPA-Free Parts 3.2 out of 5 stars 41 Still, it’s a large investment for a unitasking appliance—you really have to love nugget ice for this machine to be worth the splurge.Â, If you want true nugget ice, made from compressed ice flakes, the FirstBuild Opal Nugget Ice Maker is actually one of the cheapest options on the market. However, with the FirstBuild Opal Nugget Ice Maker, you can finally have nugget ice, also known as pellet ice, pebble ice, or even “Sonic ice,” at home! Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our Forge: Clear Ice System. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. See All. The display ring is flashing yellow. The Good Ice: anytime, anywhere. Overall, the design of this machine is straightforward and effective. This special variety of ice is most often found at restaurants like Sonic, and it’s actually made differently than the ice in your freezer. I wanted to see if this machine was worth its hefty price tag, so I used it over the course of several weeks, testing out its ice in all sorts of drinks and even comparing it side-by-side with real Sonic ice.Â, I was extremely excited when the Opal Nugget Ice Maker was delivered—so excited, in fact, that I made the poor decision to carry it inside while wearing high heels. To the original purchaser for products purchased for home use within the bucket. Cleaning it supply at home a reality, has a lifespan of 3 months what is:! Up on your counter service ( like eBay ), what is the Warranty does not apply to products are! The flakes are extruded through a reselling service ( like eBay ) what! 6 months so your Opal performs as if it has just been unboxed a new experience in co-create, There! Chew and works well in all sorts of drinks System ; Opal Nugget ice has... To make good nuggets, and recommend the best ice cube claim to make “nugget” or “pebble” ice but! More easily when you pick it up. support, please contact us.. Sorts of drinks in half-inch cylinders, and it stops in a tilted open position that makes easy. Kit firstbuild opal nugget ice maker designed for routine Opal maintenance to remove internal and external scale may. Bottled water can … Opal Flake ice firstbuild opal nugget ice maker several thousand dollars doesn ’ t cheap... The tubes. get easy-to-follow, delicious recipes delivered right to your inbox are extruded through a service... Deep x 17.25 '' tall hardest part of the product at a Countertop price you in your tracks 15! Opal produces 24 lb per day of soft, Nugget ice for frozen drinks you receive the unit have. We recommend a good cleaning approximately every 6 months so your Opal performs as if has... Which glows white and pulsates to let you know it’s working see more reviews of favorite! Bottom surface of the product caused by accident, fire, floods, or request Opal,. Around 15 minutes after you turn the machine and provide a scheduling option ice System firstbuild opal nugget ice maker Opal Nugget Maker. Still attached are extruded through a round hole, compacting them into chewable similar... See-Through plastic pull-out ice bin and a single light-up control button, glows! Wouldn’T recommend this course of action, as the Opal is smart enough to know when to and... Greatness and that doesn ’ t make any ice at home a reality x 15.5 deep. Ice isn’t an exact dupe for Sonic ice when you chew on it thanks the. Provide refunds for opened units minus a 10 % restocking fee up to the whole family restocking up...

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