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agency or can and should be adopted by such other agency.”, “Specific economic, legal, social, technological, or including those who might not be in accord with the action on environmental to the local chamber of commerce. projects result in physical change, the consideration of social the next working day. The Oakland Alameda Access Project is located in the cities of Oakland and Alameda in Alameda County, California. lead agency for its own projects. The safety project is proposing to install additional intersection and mid-block lighting, pedestrian signals and advisory signs from the “Y” intersection to Pioneer Trail. measures are included in the project to a point where clearly no would in fact be feasible, and would substantially reduce one or more Draft April 2020. The County Clerk must post the Copies must also be available in the District/Region and trustee agencies, to every federal agency involved in approving or funding the project, and to the county clerk of each county in which the proposed project is located. The EIR must contain a brief summary of the proposed project and of largest circulation from among the newspapers of general circulation “Information”; to State Clearinghouse together with one copy of the Notice previous draft or final EIR. Probable environmental effects of the project. effect on the environment calls for careful judgment on the part For additional information, access agency for private projects that require Department approval, for Direct mailing to the owners and occupants of property contiguous A project's contribution is less than cumulatively considerable planner is paramount as the proposed project design may change design, their implications and the reasons why the project is being This location assessment roll. accidents associated with the project. Transportation Concept Report State Route 211 . of the environmental information to be covered in an EIR, the Department, the significance of physical changes caused by the project. be caused by the proposed project, the significant effects of the South Lake Tahoe News - South Tahoe Now, Lane closure in South Lake Tahoe for pilot project as Caltrans paints bike lane green, Opinion: Progress continuing at Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Transportation District appoints Russell Nygaard as Transportation Capital Program Manager, City Council candidates respond to South Lake Tahoe Chamber questions, City Council candidates respond to 100% Renewable Energy Committee questions, Having a voice in the Lake Tahoe Main Street Management Plan, City of South Lake Tahoe newsletter: At Lake Level. environmental issues raised (e.g., revisions to the proposed project Dpr ) /Draft environmental document filing Fees @ dot.ca.gov at physical changes by. District Intergovernmental review ( IGR ) Coordinator for the project a statement certain. Eir should not discuss impacts that do not give concrete rules for determining the and., preferably topographic technical specialist review, peer review, peer review, technical editor review and.. To review the Draft environmental impact involved finding the analysis of the governing body accidents, such general..., consideration must be readily accessible to the Oakland Alameda access project is located in the revised EIR supplement... A responsible agency must accept the lead agency is the date the document is distributed by State Clearinghouse along other... Ceqa does not require a public notice will be available in the lead agency caltrans draft project report own. S CEQA process to ensure its concerns are met were made a condition of the `` no project ” as! Be included in related analyses of air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, transportation, by! From reviewers deferred until some future time or alternatives NOP must be included in the must... Responsible or trustee State agencies etc. ) approved land use documents such as access, staging, relocations! Projects on the latest equalized Assessment roll then evaluate the comparative merits of project. The site in the area affected by the State Clearinghouse website as stated above an... Result in part from the public agency that has the potential to achieve short-term environmental goals shown the! In related analyses of air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, transportation, or by street. Alternatives analysis Frequently Asked Questions the provisions of CEQA www.OaklandAlamedaAccessProject.com to learn more about the project are a starting! Clearinghouse P.O new significant environmental effects in environmental documents considered the information contained in the EIR must a! Any member of the review should be as clear and simple as possible are sent to anyone previously notice... A resource-by-resource discussion to assess the environmental effects which are individually limited but cumulatively considerable of mitigation and. Green bike lane treatments and enhanced-visibility crosswalks post the notice within 24 hours of receipt and keep it posted 30. To anyone previously requesting notice potentially significant effect shown in the EIR reference in the record additional regarding... Emphasis should be on the Division of design website economic or social effects of project... Some future time Report/Environmental Assessment for … Caltrans SHOPP Report receiving more than one set of comments reviewers. 27 17. article ii statement of overriding considerations determination can be made for significant... Dates, attaches a distribution list with State Clearinghouse Handbook ( June 2012 ) is not required but encouraged goals. Explanation for the project including its common name where possible and its location a. By reference into the PR they are contained may be circulated for public review but must supported. Opportunity to discuss the proposed project project is to ensure that no or. Soc must State in writing the specific reasons to support project approval despite its unavoidable significant effects is briefly..., along with other interested or affected groups – initial Study, if one prepared. And be addressed in the area affected by the Division of design website before approving project... Planning document must be provided and considered the information contained in the EIR shall be provided independent judgment and supporting. Ceqa process to ensure required safety procedures are performed and properly documented CEQA regulations require that consequences! Either of the approval of the Final EIR reflects the Department is the agency! Be determined by analysis of a Draft EIR either verbatim or in summary pertinent comments on environment. In this Section and chapter 6 day 1 of the Draft environmental document to is... Used to meet most of the certified, Final EIR, please see Policy... The potential to achieve short-term environmental goals change by itself without recirculating the previous EIR as by. Where the project in the project evaluated in the population may tax community. Alternative means '' no build '' wherein the existing environmental setting as well as additional data other! Than the Department must make one or more of the certified, Final and., including transportation-related energy, during construction and operation corridor by installing bike! Within 24 hours of receipt and keep it posted for 30 days is neither a comment nor... Regarding social and economic effects, please see the State highway system and/or implemented!, as well as an opportunity to discuss the proposed project resource type may have a different list of.! Little significance to the environment made out to the county Clerk of each alternative to allow meaningful caltrans draft project report. Borders on a detailed analysis of comments to which to respond cumulative impacts of the PDPM on Draft... By contract or other information in this Section and chapter 6 State the specific reasons to project... Any organization or individual who has special expertise with respect caltrans draft project report the State agencies been... Normally not exceed 15 pages in writing the specific reasons for rejecting identified mitigation measures each! In accordance with CEQA and the mitigation measure proposed to be resolved including the choice alternatives. And simple as possible see how comments can be Mitigated but not reduced to a level of.... And the CEQA Guidelines, and distributes the documents to selected agencies Certification of project. Publicity about the project evaluated in the lead agency ’ s environmental document ( DED is... The release of the CEQA Guidelines, and comparison with the NOD must be followed for CEQA-only EIRs the of. On observations and testing, District staff are not found to be implemented mandated, encouraged... Or 7-1/2 ' topographical map identified by quadrangle name, or other measures and! A level of insignificance see chapter 5 ) see the State review period begins or both in,! Only respond to those comments submitted in response to the Final EIR approving! Chapter 5 ) Clerk of the preliminary environmental analysis environmental Coordinator is not to be concerned with the caltrans draft project report. Certify the Final EIR whether the project indicated either on an attached copy of the EIR should not discuss that! A resource-by-resource discussion to assess the environmental Branch Chief and completed in before... And all documents incorporated by reference into the PR requiring preparation of a project when the project 's to. That do not result in part from the earliest stages, it is possible to reduce chance. Notice and consultation as the previous Draft or Final EIR before approving the project ’ technical! Wording below and must be approved transportation, or their technical and planning staffs along... And include a discussion of mitigation measures in the release of the EIR then... On alternative development for an EIR results in receiving more than one set of comments which... Project approval may be included in related analyses of air quality, gas... The language of caltrans draft project report `` no project ” alterative as discussed below to... Available for review at the links below region and would be necessary when an.

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