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The universe was created in a third of that time. Portrayals. Et Steve se compte dans le lot", raconte Andy Hertzfeld, programmeur membre de la première équipe de concepteurs du Macintosh. Andy Hertzfeld (né le 6 avril 1953) était un des membres de l'équipe de développement du projet Macintosh durant les années 1980. Andy Hertzfeld: Date: August 1983: Characters: Steve Jobs, Larry Kenyon: Topics: Software Design, Inspiration : Summary: Steve wants us to make the Macintosh boot faster: We always thought of the Macintosh as a fast computer, since its 68000 microprocessor was effectively 10 times faster than an Apple II, but our Achilles heel was the floppy disk. Hertzfeld was portrayed by Elden Henson in the 2013 film Jobs,.He was later played by actor Michael Stuhlbarg in the 2015 film Steve Jobs. Hertzfeld stated "almost nothing in it is like it really happened" about the Steve Jobs film, but ultimately said the film wasn't aiming for realism. Steve Jobs : You didn't have seconds, you had three weeks. Andy Hertzfeld : We're not a pit crew at Daytona. This can't be fixed in seconds. Andy Hertzfeld: Date: May 1981: Characters: Steve Jobs, Bill Atkinson: Topics: Software Design, Inspiration, QuickDraw: Summary: Steve inspires Bill by pointing out something about the real world : Bill Atkinson worked mostly at home, but whenever he made significant progress he rushed in to Apple to show it off to anyone who would appreciate it. Michael Stuhlbarg (left) plays engineer Andy Hertzfeld and Kate Winslet (right) plays Joanna Hoffman, Apple's marketing whizz and confidant to Michael Fassbender's Steve Jobs (centre). Il rejoint Apple Computer en août 1979, pour la quitter en mars 1984, il était responsable du système d'exploitation du Macintosh.Après son départ d'Apple, il cofonda Radius Corp en 1986, General Magic en 1990 et Eazel en 1999. With "Revolution in the Valley" making its paperback debut and the work of Steve Jobs fresh in people's minds, we checked in with Andy Hertzfeld to discuss the legacy of the first Macintosh.

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