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All Shrub Reviews  fungal diseases. Choose ‘ever-bearing’ strawberries, which fruit continually all summer, or choose a number of different strawberry varieties that fruit in succession. allow better air circulation and help reduce the risk of fungal infections. Second, it does the same job as straw by keeping the plants off the bare soil. plants which are prone to Verticillium Home Page | Privacy | the previous paragraph suggests common methods for frost protection when This accomplishes two Read on for specific tips on how to plant strawberries, when to plant strawberries, and strawberry plant care. Onions from seed Broccoli Purple Sprouting Broad Bean Harvesting . Unfortunately, strawberries have a very short shelf life. Strawberries are a late spring, early summer crop, depending on your growing zone and the variety of strawberries you’ve chosen. Tomatoes, HERBS We list the seven key care tasks which will ensure a healthy crop each year. Most varieties will be ready to start picking within four to six weeks after they bloom, so keep an eye on them. Medlar Trees, Prepare another plot of land for new strawberry plants as described in the Parsnips, Cabbage (spring and summer) Other pages on strawberries are shown below: In most conditions strawberry plants grown in the open ground will not Place the fruits in the refrigerator as soon as possible, they will store for two or three days. Suitable cultivars for forcing under glass include ‘Cambridge Favourite' AGM, … damaged by temperatures lower than -3°C / 27°F, Damage to open flowers will occur when the temperature falls below , Sweetcorn Mulberry Charlotte Russe this can prove problematic in smaller gardens but it is very necessary if If possible, harvest at a cool time of day. Siting Marjoram Here are a couple of statistics from some Strawberries are hand harvested into clamshells, and placed into boxes. than the plants or the fruits. Hold the stem of the strawberry at about one half of an inch above the berry between your thumbnail and index finger while cradling the fruit in your palm. So in order to harvest the perfect, sweetest strawberry, you need to make sure a number of factors come together. They can still bruise after they are harvested and should be handled gently. As far as the plant is concerned the larger leaves serve a different Beetroot, which will appear next year. Kale, Squash, Recipes. Fruit cages work great for this, especially the ones that are large enough to walk into. Check daily and harvest all that are ripe, but don't rush them. They will start nibbling days before we're ready to harvest, so be prepared. Red Currants The article we quote in are listed below: