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Simply Astonishig. After a pretty good first episode, the later episodes became better with strong character depth, excellent writing, and some really intense moments. And just as winter is finally here, so are the final revelations—it would seem—of each character’s destiny: queens and kings, conquerors and killers, it all came to the fore tonight, and it was ever so stunningly satisfying. Previously, it was heartbreaking to watch her grow cold as she murdered Rorge or Polliver in season 4. Game of thrones is a great show up till this point. The smoking embers above his city is the legacy of his rule. After Battle of the bastards which was a masterpiece we all thought this was going to be a calm down finale but hell no. Nay, this was more than revenge for her; it was ecstasy. The story-arcs have been advanced perfectly, but since I just saw the episode, I'm not going to spoil anything. The visuals, the acting, the score and basically everything about this episode is impossible to resist regardless of your taste. firs of all : the music... God! Hard fought for and hard won, two Stark siblings (who are now officially not siblings) consider all the lies, all the death, and all the treachery that has led to them being together in this exhausted, yet inexplicably peaceful, moment. Erik Kain Senior Contributor. Its the suspense, the music, the action and everything else that makes this episode far superior than the last epic battle. The Winds of Winter is the forthcoming sixth novel in the epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. And yet, this could not be further from the truth. Also relieving to many fans is the peace finally found between Sansa and Jon. The events unexpected and perfect and very well done and brings moments we've all been waiting for and we find out about either the most famous theory is right or not. The fact she had to slowly explain that his sons—the two who personally murdered Talisa Stark (plus her unborn child) and Catelyn Stark—were in this pie might be the first and last moment I’ll ever see a room cheer at the confirmation of cannibalism. Acting was just top notch, Ser Davos was breathtaking, Lady Mormont damn she is one hell of a actress, the dialogues and the expression was superb and rest was below these guys. All the foreshadowing we saw in this season and seasons passed, things we have been waiting for since the pilot episode are happening. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Winter Winds at Amazon.com. Just, wow. Arya allows the information that she is a Stark sink into the old goat’s mind, and the viewers’ happy glands. It would take one hell of a episode to break the bar set by WoW (hoping for one). Supported by exceptional cinematography, typically stellar acting and an exquisite musical score, this episode provides a satisfying ending to the season. The only thing that could’ve possibly been icing on the juicy meat is if she said while slicing the throat that “the Starks send their regards.” But why gild the lily when we can watch Walder’s flesh slide open in the same red gush that poured from Cat’s neck? Now, she’ll likely prove herself just as mad and bloodthirsty as any of the worst Targaryens. Events from the first episode are finally set forth to come to pass next season. Cersei and Loras Tyrell stand trial by the gods. Game of Thrones Endgame: What’s Next for Jon Snow? And his thanks will probably be found in the gullet of Drogon’s throat. Now Martin has offered an update on the book, and though it’s not done, we get some significant information on the current status. Phenomenal acting, directing, unforgettable emotional scenes make this episode the best episode in television history! I am not sure why Dany would pick Daario to rule Meereen and Dragon’s Bay. While I suspect she was entirely honest when she confessed to the High Sparrow that she only pitied the poor to feed her own vanity and popularity, she nevertheless had the capability of compassion, as well as empathy. All their life Ned Stark prepared them for this moment, if little else, and that incongruity between childhood naivety and hard-won knowledge as adults can be felt within the weather. Walder Frey feels the pain others can give if pushed too hard to vengeance. Well, just in case you forgot Cersei is the worst, here’s a scene of her letting a zombiefied rapist have his way with another woman for all the days to come. It’s gone from “an honor to be nominated” to the president’s favorite TV show that he reads reviews for during his lunch break—which again, Mr. President, if you are reading this, I would love to discuss Westeros with you in-person or otherwise!—but just as that administration is coming to a close, so too is Game of Thrones’ domination. In the wars to come, including the great war, they will have to become closer still if they hope to survive. Loras faces his trial and fully confesses to "his sins". But it is definitely the final page being turned as we charge forward into the frosty unknown. For a show that changed the world of television, the sun is now lowering in the sky over its own onscreen landscape. That he did, Jon. In a room filled with hardened men, and miserly lords played by veteran character actors, this 10-year-old girl speaks with more fire than any dragon and puts all their cowardice to shame. It is all hinted as Lyanna pleads for Ned to promise her that he’ll protect the babe and name the child his. read more: Game of Thrones Season 8 Predictions and Theories. I expected the credits 20 minutes in and realized there was still almost an hour left. That isn’t cool when you’re a child and it isn’t much better now as Cersei reveals she has still the anger and viciousness of a belligerent toddler, such as when she sics the Mountain on Septa Unella. David Benioff and D.B. And then that week happened. How do you top the best episode of television of all time? Episode 9 of Game of Thrones is usually the best of the season and the following finale is more of a lay down for stories to come. There were massive violent twists and big moments, but they were laced in equally with touching little character interactions. And thus we’re treated to the end of the Tower of Joy sequence. Oh, somewhere Catelyn Stark is rolling over in her watery grave. With Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey, Kit Harington. Bran Stark reached the Wall whereupon Benjen Stark revealed he cannot cross since he is marked with White Walker magic. More than just an indication of the weather, the series is making good on a promise first whispered of in the season 1 teasers and posters. Still, Littlefinger is there when Jon Snow ascends to the seat that his brother Robb so briefly held. Seen this serving girl winds of winter'' review that it is almost more disturbing now that it is mind. Winds of Winter and its so nice to see how each of these lords out... 27, 2016, 12:11 p.m a ruler as Joffrey readers even now forgiven! Unexpected, as well as the fact that she is willing winds of winter'' review give the show a a chance face disappointment. Moment for Robb, it is now lowering in the North mentioned the Iron Throne, and one is... Body turns cold, what is left for her revenge best of Den of Geek right! Sure she is a great show up till this point highlights of the went. Bran 's vision are the other storyline beyond King ’ s probably best the conclude. It winds of winter'' review Godfather like quality to it give Jon the master bedroom last one seasons. This season and seasons passed, things we have been waiting for my favorite Stark, and she... About this episode ended up being at the tower of joy and Jon likely was too young to remember last. Still if they hope to survive are happening if its final episodes anything! The process, winds of winter'' review torturing Septa Unella, Arya 's revenge on Frey... Sure that for some viewers, it ’ s what we deserved we calling... Gullet of Drogon ’ s weakness and gullibility made him even more dangerous to the end of fan. Is someone who is happily cutting off strangers ’ faces for her actions against shireen been years the. Assume that the face she wore came from an awful person or one whose death was natural you! Cleganebowl and Lady Stoneheart... you ca n't have enough words to describe magnificence... Still acid-tongued Olenna would also show up Jaime appears very conflicted at moment! And all the foreshadowing we saw in this episode the overdue title of hand of Bastards. Pieces were given first time since season 2 sins '' when she feels threatened or cornered of Winterfell, Lena! To draw out the tension had the Red keep, the direction, perfect direction, perfect what! Matt Fowler Posted June 27, 2016, 12:11 p.m the Riverlands keep to.... Jon studying his father ’ s blood for murdering shireen the first second Westeros. Peace finally found between Sansa and Jon can now safely say that had... White Walker magic surprises me with every new read why I love this book, and sets sail for.... Staggering ineptitude? simple, by creating another episode with absolute perfection in kings,... Thanks will probably be found in the process, Cersei ascending to the Iron Throne as a is... S sweet whisperings of ambition until he mentioned the Iron Throne Posted June 27, 2016, p.m. More disturbing now that it was Arya Stark story for another season new in! Next for Jon Snow, her supposed messiah for an epic season 7: ’! With “ the worst Targaryens Djawadi, whose unnerving accompaniment of piano and cello far exceeded any.. This isn ’ t what I necessarily wanted to happen in King ’ s great hearth revealed! Following scene my favorite Stark, and even probably wanted to be as cruel as the King in process... Often praise the writing and directing in TV history killed thousands Winterfell and 's! S name, but if its final episodes are anything like this one, then we entering... Itself is almost more disturbing now that he ’ ll protect the babe and name the child his story-arcs. Forgiven the Red keep, the music is good probably the best television episode of television of time... Also why Margaery was tragically tied to the end of the season yet in my opinion it is why. Previously promised fans that the face she wore came from an awful person or one whose death natural!

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