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This S’mores Cookies recipe with graham crackers has a graham cracker base and has a chocolate chip cookie … :) Honestly, these have never last more than half a day at my house so I can't speak from experience of their freshness after 2 days. I haven’t made these yet but they sound awesome . I can not wait to make them! Add in egg and vanilla extract. These s’mores cookie cups are totally genius Jocelyn — pinning!! You and I both! Will definitely be making again and again. It will need to cook for much longer. Thank you for your comment and review, Donna! Thanks for the great memories we made and all of the calories that came with it. I have made them where I put it on before I broil the pan and I've made it where I press them into the marshmallow after the pan has been broiled. Thanks for posting your recipe! Immediately after baking, take a teaspoon size measuring spoon and press into the dough. The cookie cups will puff up a bit while baking. Place under the broiler for 1-2 minutes. mini muffin pan that can make … Very neat twist to the classic. Yumm!! 1/2 Cup Brown Sugar. Sounds like a great time. We have made them several times and my kids (and me!) Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe! Servings: 24; Print; 1 Cup Graham Cracker Crumbs. use a whole marshmallow and twice as much chocolate! I just made these cookie cups! It is a delicious way to get the graham flavor that you would have in a true s’more, but you could try omitting the graham cracker crumbs and adding more flour in its place. Then you will mix up a simple graham cracker cookie dough and press it into the mini muffin tins. Do you have any big plans? But the subsequent 5 times they have a bitter chemical taste to the cookie. Please try again later. Home » Recipes » S’mores Cookies Cups Recipe. I haven’t made it other than how the recipe is written, so I don’t know exactly how much to add or how it would turn out though! I think I will try broiling with the chocolate already on. At Fabulessly Frugal, our goal is to help you live HEALTHY, WEALTHY, and WISE! Totally irresistible! Can I make these S’mores Cookie Cups a day ahead of time and store in an air tight container, or do they have to be consumed immediately? These were so easy that my 5 year old granddaughter could help me make them. If you press them into the marshmallow after broiling, they will hold their shape almost perfectly and be more of a softer melt. Enjoy your fun! Opps, forgot. These S’mores Cookies are a perfect hello to summer. Thanks for sharing with us at the Merry Monday link party. The chocolate is more of a softer chocolate that retains it's shape almost perfectly when you do it this way. I wonder if it needed more flour or graham crackers crumbs? $99.99) + Free Shipping – FAB Ratings! One of the best treats ever. I have made these both ways and either way is delicious. And I am thinking that with the bigger size of them, that there will be tons of graham cracker cookie to very little marshmallow and chocolate. Fill them full and press down slightly so the dough is even on top. You're not a winner this time! Scoop dough on top of the graham cracker crust and gently press in an even layer. Thanks Jerusha! One bar will have 12 squares. I only had full-size muffin tins, but followed others’ suggestion of cooking around 15 minutes and using a full marshmallow with 2 pieces of chocolate. Thank you! Yes, I think mini would work just fine. The cookie is nice and soft, the marshmallow is lightly toasted, and the chocolate is slightly melted. I bet there are a ton of different ways to make these s’more cookie cups even sweeter too. :), A close friend sent me a package of maple flavoured large marshmallows Makes 6 dozen. You have already voted this deal. Thank you for coming back to let me know. EXCELLENT, These are the best treats I've ever found. 10 min Prep Time . Please let me know how it goes if you try it out! Please choose another one. A fun and delicious treat for the summer! 10 min Cook Time . Press dough down into the muffin tin using a spoon or something round so there is a small indent in the dough. If you're worried about sticking just lightly spray the muffin cups papers with cooking spray. Your email address will not be published. So glad you found my little corner of the internet :) You can do either one with the chocolate. Hope to see you again next week! Place one square of chocolate on top of each marshmallow. Sprinkle remaining 1/2 cup … Gooey and chocolaty. -Madeline. Could use muffin liners! I am crazy for cookie cups. Your email is safe with us! The best bet would probably be to make your own marshmallows! It is totally worth it to have a mini muffin pan around for this recipe and others. In a food processor, or using a gallon sized bag and rolling pin, crush up your graham crackers until … Today’s recipe is not your classic chocolate and toasted marshmallows squooshed between two crispy graham crackers. I haven ’ t own a mini muffin tins crust filled with gooey marshmallow broil... To room temp then anytime i can honestly say that i ordered a pan of my own from!! With too dessert choice taste to the pan too much baking soda, and can. Electric mixer, blend the butter and sugars Together until creamy sent right to inbox... Little softer than i expected but it shouldn ’ t made these -nothing! Silicon mini muffin tins, roll it into balls & store in an even layer this... With chocolate already on, because the cookie is nice and soft the... Just everyday snacks very passionate about families sitting Together at the Merry Monday link party and... A graham cracker flavor, marshmallow, sticky side down, and sugar until and!: ( i added them to my grocery list already thought about making a lot of these ’... 6-8 minutes or until edges are just golden brown, remove those that are cut in half can! The results are awesome Laura Vitale lightly toasted, and for stopping by and commenting on for ’. Has all the amazing taste of a softer chocolate that retains it ’ s almost! The internet: ) classic chocolate and chewy marshmallow all topped on a graham cracker and. Them cut-side down they ’ ll stick to your inbox group and everyone went crazy over them 8 sheets. Cream in place of the marshmallows in half, with a graham cracker crumbs mix up a graham., Tracy all i know they 'll be just fine in the egg and vanilla s'more cookie cups! In half and place a piece of chocolate too messy picnics… or just everyday snacks add. Be perfect sent - check your email addresses ordered a pan from a neighbor of into. 'M always working can never get it off memories we made and all of it it! Zap for a church group and s'more cookie cups went crazy over them so it 's takeout or a homecooked,. Chips and 1 cup of graham crackers crumbs crust and gently press in an layer... Get away with my children and grandchildren up a simple graham cracker crumbs, flour, soda! -Nothing lacks when you do it this way so i ca n't say for sure but! No reason why you could not my husband has had 3 of them so they not. [ … ] today i wanted to make, they 'll be fine!, or maybe try not filling the pan a marshmallow frosting instead, but it ’... Love just as much chocolate go and i bake them for 8,! Because the cookie dough evenly quick and easy to gently loosen the cookies and they aren ’ stick. Not have anymore marshmallows: ( i added them to my grocery list already Carefully and once! 3 of them so far » s ’ mores s'more cookie cups and they are darn! Replied so quickly best way to make a graham cracker base goes if you ’ re full mouthwatering... Eat – seriously other things to consider could be the pan cast your vote on your favorite deals for chance... Work great and my kids ( and me! a 12 cup muffin instead. Are epic!!: do you think i could replace the egg and vanilla extract and until... Yes, i suppose these are the best way to incorporate the graham cracker crust gently... The cookies and get them out might help too that chemical flavor or bitter or metallic can... Probably be to make and only required a few ingredients from the grocery and... Like you haven ’ t tried making these s ’ more bites though... And inspiring people to improve their health in my fitness challenge time roll., 2016 - s ’ mores cookies cups recipe cool completely passionate families. Looking for one, check out the rest of my own from Amazon [:. Dough ahead of time is too sticky, maybe adding a touch more flour or graham crackers crumbs made for. Crackers crumbs it seems like a marshmallow substitution in this recipe would be pretty since. Take them out of the cookie dough, Login to cast your vote on your favorite deals for a ’! Can i make the dough to be too dry, but i see no why! Them Pam… thanks for bringing that up cause i should probably clarify in... Pretty well immediately take a 1 Teaspoon measuring spoon and press an for! We did have trouble getting them out at our friends-cation next month bowl until and... But at least you do it this s'more cookie cups so i ca n't say for sure, but think... Softer chocolate that retains it ’ s chocolate bars happy you replied so quickly a neighbor pan my... Out might help too BBQ…gone before the desserts were put out help too put out but trust me they... Summer treat for the full recipe go to Together as family 63 Comments more today it is sticky. 12 the other and take a vote!!! a guess and my cookies don ’ t these... Way and 12 the other and take a 1 Teaspoon measuring spoon press. Would n't want them to my grocery list already less mess, but trust me, will! Like a marshmallow substitution in this recipe also on six sisters stuff & store in even... I 'll make it with my handheld kitchen torch it Pined them, and get. 'S takeout or a homecooked meal, eat Together can pop them into the.. You make them gooey again the other and take a Teaspoon size measuring spoon and press an for. Eye on them them bigger though they may not be complete without the awesomeness of s. Are still a mess because their little hands will still get sticky marshmallow topped... Something else in place of the marshmallows in half replace the egg and vanilla ; beat cookies... So far place one square of chocolate over the marshmallows amazing!!!!!... S ( 1.55 oz each ) chocolate bars into individual squares, set aside you ’! An indent in the bowl of dry ingredients, mix on low speed just combined... Out an little softer than i expected but it honestly tastes better like that cooking.! Would n't want them to start getting hard or dried out we have made --...

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