A Woman Running a Strip Club Out of Her House Is Busted . . . Because Someone Called the Cops About Her Overpriced Drinks!!! LOL

 A 36-year-old woman in Virginia was arrested earlier this month for running a STRIP CLUB out of her house.  The cops found out about it after one of her customers tipped them off . . . because he was upset she was charging $2 for drinks.  She’s facing up to two years in jail.


You hear stories like this and it really makes you wonder how many SHADY THINGS are secretly happening inside of people’s houses around the country.  And also . . . how come I never get invited?


36-year-old Sonya Fletcher of Suffolk, Virginia was busted last month for running a STRIP CLUB out of her home.

And she was busted in the most absurd way possible.  One of her customers tipped off the cops about the illegal strip club . . . because he was MAD at how much Sonya was charging for drinks.  She was charging . . . $2.

The guy complained that was, quote, “expensive compared to other places.”

The cops ended up raiding Sonya’s home earlier this month and found out that several strippers worked there . . . plus Sonya herself would do some stripping too.

She’s facing a charge for maintaining a common nuisance and marijuana possession, and could get up to two years in jail and a $5,000 fine.

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