Going to Work Is Less Stressful Than Being Home With Your Family…the answer might shock you!

Good news for everyone hating the fact they’re back at work after a three-day weekend:  Conventional wisdom says we spend all day at work counting down the moments until we can enjoy blissful relaxation at home with our families.

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Well . . . conventional wisdom is WRONG.

A new study out of Penn State University found that people are actually MORE STRESSED at home than they are at work.  In fact, work is kind of like stress relief compared to being home with your family.

The researchers tested people’s cortisol levels at home and at work . . . your cortisol levels are one of the most accurate ways to measure stress.  And people’s stress was noticeably lower when they were at work.

This was ESPECIALLY true for women . . . getting out of the house for work made women even more relaxed than men.

So what’s the takeaway?  It’s important to have a good work-life balance . . . but maybe not in the way people usually think.  Going to work can be better for you than you realized . . . it can help you de-stress so you can enjoy being home even more.

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