Three Women Are Arrested For Twerking and Peeing in a City Hall Parking Lot…GOTTA SEE!

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I’ve got to say, these three ladies sound like a LOT of fun.  Unless you’re one of their fathers.  Then I feel epic pity for you.

 20-year-old Christie Coura of Beaverton, Oregon had to pay a FINE at city hall on Monday on a warrant.  And two of her friends went with her . . . 20-year-old Brittnay Medak and 22-year-old Leokham Yothsombath.

 Apparently, they all got HIGH first.  Then, after they paid the fine, they went into the parking lot . . . and started TWERKING.  Brittnay also took a break to squat and PEE between two cop cars.  And Leokham filmed the entire thing.

 But some employees at city hall saw them and called the police.  And when the cops searched them, they found marijuana, cocaine, and METH.

 At least the police report SAYS it was meth.  Leokham went on Facebook to clarify, quote, “It was no meth, it was molly obviously cut with meth!!!”  (Molly is a pure powdered form of ecstasy.  All the kids are doing it these days.)

 They were all arrested and charged with drug possession, disorderly conduct, and tampering with drug records.

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