The Top Signs You’re Really Lazy… This is really funny:)


Even with 8.1% unemployment, some experts say there are plenty of jobs out there . . . but Americans just aren’t willing to do them.  And for more on those people . . . here are The Top Signs You’re Really Lazy.

Your idea of cleaning the inside of the toilet bowl is to pee as hard as you can.


You once posted the comment “Too long, did not read” under somebody’s Tweet.


You belong to a fantasy JOGGING league.

 fantasy jogging

Your clocks are only right half the year because you don’t change them for daylight savings.


Your job title might as well be “Facebook Checker”.

 check in

Your password to all your online accounts is “Password.”


You only work a few hours a day and put no effort into your job.  And you’re not in radio.

 lazy at work

The only reason you leave the house is because Taco Bell doesn’t deliver.

 taco bell truck

You still live in your parents’ basement.  And they sold their home ten years ago.


You wear Depends when you’re at home watching football games.


You don’t even have the energy to jump to conclusions.

jump to conclusions

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