People Who Love Rock and Roll Are Most Likely to Cheat on You . . . People Who Love Rap Are Least Likely…


Somewhere between 94% and 97% of rap songs mention it’s an important part of life to get-it-on with as many ladies as possible . . . but apparently the message isn’t sinking in.


A new survey asked people who’ve CHEATED on someone what kind of music they like the most . . . and rap fans are the MOST LOYAL of anyone.  Here are the full results . . .

41% of cheaters mostly listen to rock.

Fall out Boy
Fall out Boy

26% listen to pop.


11% listen to country.

Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton

7% listen to classical music.


5% listen to R&B.

Danny Hill and Rodney 'O
Danny Hill and Rodney ‘O

3% listen to gospel.


And 2% listen to rap.



DAMN! Not looking to good for Danny! LOL he’s up to 85% chance… Whats your go to type of music?

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