Guys . . . before you run out and cheat on your girl, you need to think long and hard about what will happen if she finds out . . . and what she’ll do to your CAR to get revenge! Here’s the top 10 Revenge on car photos!

So you think you want to cheat? Are you not afraid to get caught? Well these photos might change your mind… Top 10 Cheating Revenge on cars photo’s!



This guy was inside having dinner with his “SICK MOM”  when he brought his side chick out he saw this…





His girlfriend used white out to get her message across!




This woman wanted to take a selfie… in case he didn’t know who did it!




I love the effort in this one… Who’s the guy that cheated? Oh yeah that guy in the box..




Looks like Dave is going to sleeping in his car… I hope it’s worth more than what he had in the bank!

cheating car 3




Sometimes it’s better to keep it simple:)




You have to enjoy the picture to emphasis what type of dick he is..




For the “Van Gogh” Cheater… It’s so beautiful!




At least they gave credit… where credit was due… He’s an “EXPERT”!




Here’s the #1 REVENGE ON CHEATERS CAR! This wife started with the car and ended with EVERYTHING ELSE… But before she got caught she “Gave away”  over $20,000 in his possessions and when the local police were asked why they didn’t stop it…

Police Sgt. William Lear pointed out that they were not concerned with the woman’s spray painting.

He said: ‘If it’s a running vehicle and someone wants to paint their own car, they can do it.’

‘It looked like they had a painting party,’ an unnamed neighbor told the Duluth News Tribune, adding several people joined the new divorcee for the festivities.

cheater car



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