The Top Ten Dating Turn-Offs for Women… any of these on your list?

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Guys, if you want to completely RUIN your chances on a date, the best thing to do is skip the whole shower and deodorant thing.  According to a new survey body odor is number one dating TURN-OFF for women.  Here’s the full top ten.


1.  Body odor.


2.  Having no chemistry.

 no chem

3.  Looking at other women.


4.  Being rude to a bartender or a waiter.


5.  Coming across like you’re not interested.

 couple fight

6.  Hogging the conversation.

 worest date

7.  Talking about your ex.

 bad date

8.  Awkward silences.

 images (1)

9.  On their phone Talking or Texting during the date.

 on phone

10.  Coming across as needy.

no no

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