42% of the Guys Who Drive Expensive Cars Have Small Junk

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There was a study earlier this week that found women aren’t more attracted to men who drive expensive cars.  Sorry dudes, but here’s MORE bad news if you drive a fancy car.

 People have been joking for the past CENTURY that men with fancy cars were overcompensating for what they’re lacking in the pants.  And now there’s proof.

 A new survey asked guys with luxury or sports cars to describe their package.  30% said they’re ABOVE average . . . 63% said they were average . . . and 6% said their junk was smaller than average.

 But the survey also asked WOMEN to describe the size of their guy’s junk, if they were dating or married to a guy with a flashy car.  And the results were NOT the same.

 Only 12% said the guy is above average . . . 46% said average . . . and 42 PERCENT said the guy’s package was SMALLER THAN AVERAGE.  That means at least two out of five guys driving a fancy car are overcompensating.

 The survey also asked women who are with guys with REGULAR cars to describe the size of the guy’s junk.  Only 23% of those guys were described as smaller than average.

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