A Couple’s Controversial Tipping Style Is Spreading on Facebook…and people are pissed off…

If you’ve ever worked at a restaurant, this is going to send you into a rage.  And possibly trigger some tipping-related PTSD.



A guy recently posted on Facebook about the new strategy he and his wife use to TIP when they go to restaurants.



They put five $1 bills on the table, and every time their server does something they don’t like, they remove one bill without saying a word.  Then whatever is left at the end is the tip.  Quote, “You will receive the best service of your life.”



The post is getting a LOT of responses from people, and they seem much more negative than positive.  Words like “disrespectful,” “tactless,” and “I hope you like the taste of spit in your food” seem to come up the most often.



(The Daily Dot)

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