Black Friday Violence: Two Dead, Four Hospitalized, and One Guy Using His Belt as a Whip

There hadn’t been a death due to Black Friday since 2013.  But this is 2016, a year that’s trying hard to claim the title of Worst Year Ever . . . so you knew that streak was going to end.  And it did.  Sadly, TWO people were killed on Black Friday.



A 21-year-old named Demond Cottman from Atlantic City, New Jersey was killed outside of a Macy’s at a mall around 1:00 A.M. on Friday.  His brother was also shot, but he survived.  The police still don’t have any suspects in the shooting.



And in Reno, Nevada, a 33-year-old man was killed after a fight over a PARKING SPOT outside of a Walmart.  The cops are trying to track down the shooter.



There was also a shooting at a mall in Memphis, Tennessee, but fortunately that guy survived.



And a couple other serious incidents on Black Friday happened in other countries.



A cop was STABBED trying to stop a shoplifter in England . . . a woman was hurt in a STAMPEDE at a mall in South Africa . . . and a guy was arrested in Vancouver after he used his BELT as a WHIP on other people at an Adidas store.



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