Chubby Dads Are More Attractive to Women and Live Longer…If its on the internet…it must be true!

A new study just found chubbier dads live longer than other men . . . AND they’re more attractive to women.  They’re healthier because their bodies shift attention to their immune system instead of feeding their muscles . . . and they’re more attractive because women interpret their bodies as a sign they’re focused on their kids.


I’m not sure any fathers out there need MORE of an excuse to gently ease into a life of wearing sweatpants seven days a week and dipping pizza into ranch dressing, but here you go.



According to a new study out of Yale University, chubbier dads live longer than other men . . . AND they’re MORE ATTRACTIVE to women.



Why?  When you lose a little muscle mass and gain a little fat, it actually helps your body shift some of its resources toward your immune system instead of just worrying about feeding your muscles.



And women are biologically drawn to a dad with some chubbiness, because it’s a sign that you’re focused on your kids above anything else . . . including trying to get with women.



So since you’re not interested in them . . . they’re interested in you.



(The Telegraph)

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