Greatest math test ever? Or what were you thinking?

An eighth grade Mobile, Alabama teacher is on administrative leave after showing her complete lack of common sense.

Last Friday, students in the teacher’s Cranford Burns Middle School math class were treated to a quiz featuring math questions like:

“Tyrone knocked up 4 girls in the gang. There are 20 girls in his gang. What is the exact percentage of girls Tyrone knocked up?”

“Pedro got 6 years for murder. He also got $10,000 for the hit. If his common-law wife spends $100 of his hit money per month, how much money will be left when he gets out?”

Dwayne pimps 3 ho’s. If the price is $85 per trick, how many tricks per day must each ho turn to support Dwayne’s $800 per day crack habit?

The students thought it was a joke, but JoAnne Bolser told them it was real and to complete the assignment. She got busted when one of the kids took a picture and texted it to his mom.
Source: NBC News

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