A blind Louisiana man says he was refused drive-thru service because he wasn’t driving…

Scott Magee is taking McDonald’s to court.mcdonalds


The blind man from Metairie, Louisiana says he was laughed at and refused service at the restaurant’s drive-thru window because he arrived on foot. The problem? He can’t drive a car because, well, he’s blind.

Many Micky D’s will keep their drive-thru open after the restaurant has closed and as a rule, they don’t serve pedestrians – because it’s a safety issue. This means, according to Magee’s lawsuit, that blind people are effectively barred from purchasing McDonald’s after a certain time.

The suit demands “modest accommodations” to make restaurants available to blind people at all times, a formal ruling that McDonald’s has violated the Americans With Disabilities Act and unspecified court costs and attorneys’ fees. The fast food chain doesn’t comment on pending litigation, but they have until June 17th to respond to the suit.

Source: NBC Newsblind guy

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