Top 20 Reggae songs for Hawaii May, 2016

Hawaiian Reggae chart for may 2016

  1. Lion Fiyah- Feels like a kid again
  2. magic-Lay you down easy
  3. Jahboy- Good vibes
  4. twenty one pilots-Ride
  5. common Kings-on the low
  6. beyonce -Runin (DJ weedside Reggae mix)
  7. Ryan- Plant a seed today
  8. Ka Ha- Problems
  9. Rakastep-Dedicated
  10. matt Simons -Catch and release
  11. Leilani Wolfgramm-Empty
  12. Rebel souljahz- Why can’t you love me
  13. Conkarah-island girl
  14. Sarah – Faded (French version)
  15. Garrett douglas- last time
  16. lukas Grahm – 7 years old (Dj Weedside Reggae mix)
  17. Micah G – Forever
  18. The Green – Roots
  19. Rakastep- Give it
  20. SIOSI- Reggae party


Every month I will release a updated chart list:)


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2 Comments on Top 20 Reggae songs for Hawaii May, 2016

  1. What up Danny ? Aloha from bakersfield. Glad to hear from you. Looks like you and the family are doing well. Hope to get to the islands this year. I feel the need for some puka dogs, and jo jo’s smow shack.

  2. Oh my God!! I just discovered your monthly Hawai’ian reggae chart. All of the radio stations that used to publish charts on their Web pages have stopped doing so, seemingly since getting gobbled up by the big networks and “stadardising” their sites.

    I hope you will continue this feature for a long time. It certainly will keep my happy, and tuned in to your site and what you’re up to. What a huge service to both us fans and the musicians themselves.

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