You Can Now Buy a Jewel That Covers Your Cat’s…ahhh… BUTT???

It’s official:  There is nothing left to invent.  I mean . . . that’s the only explanation for how someone thought of THIS.



Someone just created a cat accessory called Twinkle Tush.  It’s a jewel that covers up your cat’s RECTUM.


twinkle cat

It’s perfect for anyone who hates staring right into their cat’s nasty place when it walks around with its tail up.  Just buy the Twinkle Tush and you can see a little blue sparkle instead.



The jewel has a cord attached that you slip around your cat’s tail, so the jewel dangles down . . . and when the cat actually needs to poop, the jewel will naturally hang just out of the way.



It’s on sale right now for $6 at





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