Would you Get Yourself a Pair of Cowboy Boot Sandals This Summer?





Now THIS is an all-American product.



There’s a company in Missouri called Redneck Boot Sandals that’s offering a great service . . . if you’re desperate to wear cowboy boots this summer but know you can’t pull them off in 100-degree heat… Been there done that! LOL



You send them a pair of cowboy boots . . . and they turn them into SANDALS.



From the photos we’ve seen, it looks like they carve out a lot of the foot part . . . turn the toe into a flip-flop . . . and leave the leather that goes up your leg intact.  They actually look pretty well made.  And also ridiculous, but whatever.



You provide the boots, and they charge $50, plus another $25 to ship them back to you once they’re sandals.  So, $75 altogether.  And the process takes one to two weeks.



You can start the process by Googling “Redneck Boot Sandals” and messaging them on Facebook.


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