Top 10 Weekend Getaways For Bakersfield Residents.

It’s summer time in Bakersfield and I have compiled a list of the top 10 places you will go for your summer vacations!

10. Buena Vista’s Lake- Bakersfield, CA.

It’s not the nicest lake…in fact I think it’s probably the worst I’ve ever seen!

But when it’s 100 Degrees outside… IT LOOKS LIKE HEAVEN!




9. Kernville- Kernville, CA.

We love to go in the Rivers! This one is by Lake Isabella and Locals love this area!


8. Murray Farm- Bakersfield, CA

Fresh fruit for the kids and it’s up towards Tehachapi so the Temp drops 15 degrees

once you’re there.


7. Magic Mountain- Valencia, CA.

45 min drive… most of our grad nights are at Magic Mountain!


6. Wine Tasting- Paso Robles, CA.

We like to drink alot of alcohol…


5. Venice beach- Santa Monica, CA.

We like to wear 49er gear or Raider gear at the Beach…


4. ANY BAR- San Luis Obispo, CA

More drinking and this time with Children…Ok… College students!


3. Pismo Beach- Pismo Beach, CA.

More chances to wear our Sports gear and drive our lifted trucks on the beach!

It’s the only time we use our lifted trucks…



2. Universal Studios- Hollywood, CA.

Yearly passes are super cheap… so kids guess what? Were going to Universal studios… Again!


1. Disneyland- Anaheim, CA.

It’s Disneyland and well we love it!


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