Granny Panties Are Coming Back . . . and Thong Sales are Dropping… WHY GOD?

Apparently GRANNY PANTIES are back in style.  Thong sales have gone down 7% over the past year, and sales of larger types of underwear are up 17%.



It was a good run for sexy underwear.  But apparently GRANNY PANTIES are coming back, baby.



Thong sales have gone down 7% over the past year . . . and sales of LARGER types of women’s underwear are up 17%.



There are three theories on why underwear trends are shifting to bigger options . . .



1.  They’re more comfortable.



2.  They can be more flattering on some women . . . and by covering up areas you feel insecure about, they could actually make you feel sexier.



3.  They make a feminist statement.



(New York Times)

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