Love, Life, and gifts from god…

I’m Getting married on Sunday May 24th to this beautiful woman right here:)
kait with dress

Her name is Kait Chase…well soon to be Kait Hill! She is the mother of 4 amazing children.


my family


(in order in the pic) Kylie, Teagan, Reese, Zander.

We go to target alot and constantly buy more food and diapers and apple sauce… We buy alot of apple sauce! LOL

family photo



We love each other with all of our hearts and our children are excited for us:) This is Kylie doing her “Excited” Facekylie 2

I never thought this would be my life. I was far from being a father or a family guy. When Kait first came into my life and she told me she had 3 kids. I was not shocked… most of the woman I had dated had multiple kids… What did shock me was how much they looked like me, and how easy they were to love.



I asked Kait if she was done having children. She said “No” She would have more with the right person. After a year of dating she said “I was the right person”. We tried to have a baby for 3 months and by the third month she was pregnant with Reese Emma Hill…Of course we didn’t know her name at the time. But after the most amazing 9 months of pregnancy she arrived on August 27th 2013

reese was born 2



Kait went through 9 months of Sickness, pain, bloating, bleeding, uncomfortable pain, then delivery… all for me… Just to give me the greatest gift anyone could every receive… A child. My daughter Reese means more to me than anything on this planet and the sacrifice her mother made for me is something I’ll never forget.

Reese was born

When we brought her home and her sisters and brother immediately took to her and helped with everything they could. They loved her so much. They loved their mom and they loved me…Their Danny.


When Teagan had her First Father Daughter Dance she asked me to go and I said “yes”. We went to dinner and danced the night away at her school cafeteria.


teagan and me


We constantly had fun together and my heart was swelling with pride and fulfillment… My life finally meant something… I was important… I was a Dad.

family shot


I was able to take the kids to Disneyland, fair the beach and all types of places they had never been…I loved seeing them smile… it became clear that this was my future and my path was laced with pink ribbons and lots tears to dry from eyes…

teagan at disneyland




kait was everything I wanted in a woman… She’s smart, beautiful, understanding, but most importantly my partner and other half. I was so empty before her… I was scared and lonly and on a vary dangerous path… She pulled me out of it and constantly stood by my side. Yes she is very Pretty and I appreciate that… But she is more than her looks… she is brilliant… she is kind… she is caring… and I love her… I will always love her… Her soul is what fascinates me…I love her for her… she’s my friend… My confidant… my light in the dark… Being her husband will be an honer…Because being in love with her is like breathing air… I don’t have to try… It just comes Natural… I don’t remember much before Kait… But i’ll try to remember every minute after her… God is good:)

falling in love kait and reese kait wedding

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  1. That is SO beautiful. Congratulations!! Keep loving the kids as if they are your biological children. Many happy years to you and Kait

  2. Congratulations to the two of you! Have a wonderful day full of love and happiness! God bless you and your family.

  3. Congrats Danny and Kait. Sometimes we have to have a little misery in our life first before we finally get happiness. I think it’s all part of life’s lessons in teaching us to appreciate the good things when we have them.

  4. You are a lucky man and she is a lucky lady. It’s rare to find someone else who makes you a better person. Have a great marriage and a great life together. Congratulations to you and your family.

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