Who Will You Choose to Take Over Your Facebook Profile When You Die?

Facebook is now letting you pick one friend to take over your profile when you DIE. The person will be able to post info to your page, respond to new friend requests, or download a copy of everything you’ve shared. They’re also offering an option where your profile will just be deleted after you die




Facebook just rolled out a new feature where you get to pick one friend who will get to take over your profile when you DIE.

That person will be called your “legacy contact.” After you die, they can do things like posting information on your page, like funeral details . . . responding to new friend requests . . . or downloading a copy of everything you ever shared.

If you want your profile to disappear when you’re gone, you can also choose not to have a legacy contact . . . and just have your profile deleted.

When you pick someone as your legacy contact, they get an EERIE message from Facebook saying, quote, “Facebook now lets people choose a legacy contact to manage their account if something happens to them.

“Since you know me well and I trust you, I chose you. Please let me know if you want to talk about this.”

Because Facebook is Facebook, setting up a legacy contact requires finding hidden menus and jumping through hoops. Click the down arrow on the upper right hand corner of your profile, click settings, then security, then legacy contact.

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