Four Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Without Going Broke in Bakersfield.

Valentine’s Day is soon, and a new survey says the average couple spends $120 on each other. If that sounds like a lot, “The Danny Hill experience ” has come up with some ways to celebrate without going broke . . .
1. Eat at home. Instead of making reservations at an expensive restaurant, make it look like you cooked dinner at home for WAY less money . . . and more privacy. Pick up take out and take it home. Then put it on “nice” dishes and put it in the microwave. When they show up for dinner tell them “your late” and blame them for dinner being cold. They will feel so bad they won’t be upset you didn’t buy them a gift.


2. Celebrate early. You don’t HAVE to celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th. It’d be cheaper and less crowded to do it THIS weekend . . . In fact say “Merry Christmas”. Two holidays in one!

3. Do frozen yogurt tasting. It’s a great way to sample some fancy stuff without going broke. And if she thinks frozen yogurt is “fancy” ask her to marry you immediately.

4. Give each other massages. Instead of booking expensive massages at a spa, Fill up a bucket with warm water and put sand in the bottom. Then tell her it’s “magic” sand from Hawaii. Sure, it’s a little more work for both of you . . . but it’s basically guaranteed to end in SEX.

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