Caution: Pics are disturbing… The Next Big Beauty Trend is Women Dyeing Their Armpit Hair?

arm pit

We don’t always understand beauty and fashion trends, but we can usually accept them.  Not this time.



Roxie Hunt is a stylist at a salon called Vain in Seattle.  And she’s leading the charge on a new beauty trend for 2015:  Women dyeing their ARMPIT hair.



That’s right:  Instead of shaving your armpit hair, you let it grow like crazy . . . then dye it a crazy color like blue or red.



Roxie says that growing and dyeing your armpit hair is EMPOWERING.  She’s been growing her own armpit hair for five years and says the few women whose pit hair she’s dyed have all been very excited.



There’s no word on whether this trend has spread beyond just Roxie’s shop in Seattle . . . but now it’s getting nationwide attention, so you never know where it could go.



(Los Angeles Times / Offbeat Home)

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