(NC-17) Two More Kim Kardashian Pics, Including a Full-Frontal . . . And Yes, Some Work Was Done on the Photos


kim k 4


“Paper” magazine released two more NUDE photos of KIM KARDASHIAN from the photo shoot that yielded her now-infamous GREASY BUTT SHOT.  And one of them is FULL-FRONTAL.


kim k

(WARNING!!!  Obviously, you’re about to see some NUDITY.)



Now, when it comes to that greasy butt shot, the big question is whether or not any retouching was done to it.

kim k 3


Kim’s longtime makeup artist claims there WASN’T, and says it’s all down to, quote, “oil and great lighting.”  But he’s LYING.



The editorial director of the magazine admits it was altered a little.  He says, quote, “Every cover of every magazine is airbrushed on some level.  But what I will say, is that is her butt.  It is not padded.  It is not augmented.  That is all really her.


kim k 2

“But, yes, there was retouching to clean things up and make things look amazing.  That’s what retouching is.  It’s not building an ass that isn’t there or taking 50 pounds off the waist.”




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