Warning Pictures are graphic: A Woman Bought Her Daughter a Toy From a Dollar Store . . . and It Had a Picture of a Demon Woman Slitting Her Wrists?

Nicole Allen of Kettering, Ohio was shopping at a dollar store in Dayton, Ohio last week, and found a toy she thought her two-year-old daughter would like . . . a pink magic wand in some nice purple packaging.

demon toy 1


Nicole didn’t notice it was called the “Evilstick” . . . but after she took it out of the package and turned it on, she found out why.

The magic wand made evil laughing sounds and revealed a hidden picture underneath some foil . . . of a DEMON woman SLITTING HER WRISTS with a knife.

demon toy 2

Nicole was outraged that the store was selling it . . . especially since the packaging said for ages three and up, and there was NO indication on the package that a demon woman was slitting her wrists on the toy.

demon toy 3


The owner of the dollar store, Amar Moustafa, was surprisingly NOT apologetic about it.  Quote, “The name on it says ‘Evilstick.’  So from the name, if I’m buying it for my kid, and I have a lot of kids, I would inspect it before I would give it to them.



“Kids five, six, seven, 10 years old . . . they see that on TV every day.”



He says he won’t pull the toy unless he gets more complaints.



(CBS 7 – Dayton

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