Half of Women Have a “Plan B” Guy If Their Relationship Goes Bad…Who’s your plan B?

I don’t mean to make you PARANOID about your relationship . . . but there’s a 50-50 chance your wife or girlfriend has already handpicked your REPLACEMENT if your relationship goes bad.



A new survey found HALF of women have a “plan B” guy in mind in case their current relationship ends.  Here are some stats on those plan B guys . . .



The most likely candidate is one of her old friends.  Other candidates are an ex, a coworker, or someone she knows from the GYM.

wife sleeps with father in law 3


The average woman has known her plan B guy for seven years.



70% of women with a plan B guy are currently in TOUCH with him.



10% of women say their plan B guy already confessed that he’s always been in love with her.  20% say they’re pretty sure their plan B guy would drop everything to be with her.



And 12% of women say they actually have stronger feelings for the plan B guy than they do for the guy they’re currently with.



(Daily Mirror)

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