A Woman Stops a Vicious Dog From Attacking Her Puppy . . . By Sticking Her Finger in Its Butt?

It’s pretty much impossible to be tough when someone’s got you by the prostate.



Ann Bendouli of Melbourne, Australia was walking her one-year-old Jack Russell puppy Lexie last week, when suddenly, a vicious TERRIER appeared out of nowhere and ATTACKED.



The terrier bit into Lexie’s side, started shaking her, and Ann knew she had to intervene.  So she thought back to something she’d read about stopping a dog attack:  Go for the RECTUM.



And that’s what she did.  She says she pulled the terrier’s tail up and JAMMED her finger in his no-go hole, quote, “right up to the knuckle.”



And . . . it WORKED.  The dog was so SHOCKED it let her puppy go.



Lexie needed ten stitches but survived.



(9 News



(Here’s a photo of Ann with Lexie, where you can see the stitches on Lexie’s side.)



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