A Man Is Suing a Pizza Place Because the Employees Beat Him Up When He Tried to Rob It…

23-year-old Nigel Sykes of Wilmington, Delaware tried to rob a pizza place called Seasons Pizza back on November 30th of 2010.  He busted through the back door, pointed a gun at the employees, and demanded money.

 sue pizzeria over robbery

But the employees managed to tackle him, knock his gun away, and hold him down until the cops got there.  In the process, he got roughed up a little bit.

He’s currently in prison serving 15 years for the robbery.  And now . . . he’s SUING the pizzeria because the employees were too rough with him.

In his suit, he says, quote, “All of the Seasons Pizza employees participated in punching, kicking, and pouring hot soup over my body.  I was unarmed and defenseless.”  For reference, he was unarmed because they knocked his gun away.

He also says the police were too rough with him when they arrested him and used stun guns on him.  He’s seeking a total of $260,000 from the employees, the pizzeria, and the cops.  (Wilmington News Journal)

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