A Guy Dug a Ten-Foot Hole at the Beach . . . And Died When it Collapsed and Buried Him Alive

Being at the beach can bring out the kid in you.  Apparently it can also KILL you.

26-year-old Adam Pye was hanging out at St. Francis Beach in Half Moon Bay on Monday.  It’s a State Beach just south of San Francisco.  And for some reason he dug a HUGE hole in the sand . . . by 5:00 PM it was ten to 12 feet deep.

 sand tunnel 1

And he was standing at the bottom when the WALLS started caving in.  He started screaming, so people ran over to help, including his friends and family.  But apparently that made the walls cave in MORE, until he was BURIED ALIVE.

Around 40 people tried to dig him out, using buckets and their bare hands.  And firefighters were there within five minutes to help.  Eventually there were over 30 of them.  But it took 10 to 15 minutes just to clear the sand away from his head.

 sand tunnel 2

By the time they got him fully out, he’d been buried for over 30 minutes.  Paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene.

Just last month, another guy was buried alive while he was trying to dig a TUNNEL connecting two holes at a different beach in North Carolina.  And according to the CDC, over 500 people have died in similar accidents since 1999.  (NBC Bay Area)

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