Disabled Bakersfield man seeks help after theft…He was Robbed on the GET bus…

I received a letter asking for help for a local Bakersfield Man…


Hey Danny,

I’m a get bus driver and one of my regular passenger tanner Thompson got his cell phone stolen right off his wheel chair. tanner is a disabled. and he is a true friend of mine i want to help him get money to pay off his cell phone bill since he had to by another one since his cell phone is a important thing for him well he sells these coupon books for ten dollars if u can spread the word so he can get back to living care free as we all know him he is a link to what happen thanks for you time

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Thompson, who suffers from a developmental disorder, has been stuck with the big bill to replace the phone. Because GET drivers are on strike, he said he is stuck without a ride to work to help pay for it.


A week before a union strikeĀ put the brakes on Golden Empire Transit District, Thompson’s cellphone was stolenĀ from him by three teenagers as he sat on a bus.


Yeah you heard that right… He was robbed. I know it’s hard to imagine who would rob a Disabled person on a public bus… But these girls would right here.


“I was overwhelmed with a lot of different emotions,” said Thompson on Monday.

Thompson keeps his cellphone at his side at all times, and, because of its importance, he said he had to replace the phone immediately.


“In case my wheelchair runs out of gas, I can call someone to help me,” said Thompson.

He is now faced with an almost $500 bill and cannot afford to keep the phone on.

Thompson said he is not asking for a handout to pay the bills, but instead is selling $10 coupon books to make the extra cash.

The suspected thieves have been turned over to the Bakersfield Police Department by their parents. Tanner said all he hopes now is that they won’t victimize another person.

“I hope whoever they are, they learn a valuable lesson, because I am very angry about being a very easy target,” Thompson said.

If you would like to donate to Thompson, call police Detective Chris Bagby at (661) 326-3519

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3 Comments on Disabled Bakersfield man seeks help after theft…He was Robbed on the GET bus…

  1. I’m pleasantly surprised the parents turned in the teens. I was so disappointed to see this story on the news. I hope the victim receives enough help to move on safely.

    • Unfortunately I’m the mother of one of those teenage girls. I had to take the grim task of calling the police on my daughter so she can pay for her crime. This hurts my heart to the fullest. Since Mr. Thompson is not looking for hand out’s , I will buy a couple of the coupon books from him. Unfortunately kids make bad decisions , and us a parents have to pay for it. Mr .Thompson I’m TRULY sorry for my daughter’s actions.
      LaDana Wright.

  2. I will be calling in today to donate…. thank you for the post, this is just ridiculous, petty and I hope the system can actually TEACH these girl’s the true depth of their actions and bravo to the parents!

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