Mugshot of the Day: A Dad Catches a Guy Molesting His Son and Beats Him to a Pulp…

There’s a mugshot going around that shows what happens when a dad catches someone molesting his kid.  It should be a warning to pedophiles AND an instruction manual for anyone who catches one.

A dad in Daytona Beach, Florida left his 11-year-old son with an 18-year-old family member named Raymond Frolander to babysit on Friday afternoon.

 dad beats up molester

(CAREFUL!)  And when the dad got back to the apartment, he found Frolander had taken his son’s clothes off and was molesting him.

So the dad responded by BEATING Frolander so badly, that he DISFIGURED his face.  In Frolander’s mugshot, his lips and left cheek are swollen, his eyes are both black, and he’s covered in cuts and bruises.

When the dad called 911 to report Frolander, he said he’d left him, quote, “in a puddle of blood” . . . and you can hear him yell at Frolander, quote, “You are damn lucky, boy, that I love my God.”

Frolander was arrested and charged with sexually battering a child.  The dad was NOT charged for the beating.

(News 13 – Daytona

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