A Woman Who Stole a Dress Is Busted When She Posts Selfies on Facebook… DUMB PEOPLE RISE TO THE TOP! LOL

 Social media keeps getting better and better at taking down idiot criminals.

27-year-old Danielle Saxton of West Frankfort, Illinois stole a leopard print dress from a store called Mortie’s Boutique earlier this month.  And then she took a few selfies in the dress and posted them on FACEBOOK.

One of the store’s co-owners also went on Facebook, and posted about the dress being stolen.

And since West Frankfort has a population of only around 8,000 people, there was obviously some overlap between the owner’s friends and Danielle’s friends.

 stolen dress selfies

A few people immediately pointed him to Danielle’s selfies, he called the cops, and Danielle was just arrested for misdemeanor retail theft.

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