A Drunk Guy Poses as a TSA Agent and Gropes Women…and no one noticed?!?!

You don’t need MORE proof that the Transportation Security Administration isn’t particularly strong on the whole “security” thing . . . but this is pretty bad.


A 53-year-old guy went to San Francisco International Airport on Tuesday afternoon, dressed in a blue polo shirt and khaki pants . . . got hammered in the terminal at an airport bar . . . then POSED as a TSA agent.

He even put on blue rubber gloves like the TSA agents use, and told a woman she had to go into the TSA’s private screening booth for a PAT-DOWN.  Then he did the same thing with a second woman . . . but this time the real TSA agents finally spotted him.


He was arrested for public drunkenness and could be looking at false imprisonment charges.

Both of the women he groped left for their flights . . . but if the investigators can track them down, this guy could be looking at MUCH more serious charges . . . including sexual assault.

And of course, this re-opens the debate for the eight billionth time about just how ineffective TSA is.  If they could let a random guy pose as an agent long enough to fondle two women, what ELSE is getting past them?

(San Francisco Chronicle)

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