A Man Set His House on Fire Using a Homemade Flamethrower . . . Because He Wanted to Kill a Spider…

If you see a spider in your house, trap it in a glass and let it go outside.  Or if you’re like most people, just crush it with a paper towel.  But you don’t need go all RAMBO on it.


A guy in Seattle, Washington saw a spider in his laundry room on Tuesday night . . . and apparently he wanted to teach it a lesson.

So he whipped up a HOMEMADE FLAMETHROWER . . . by holding up his lighter to a can of spray paint and blasting a flame at the spider.

But he wound up setting the entire HO– USE on fire . . . and did at least $60,000 in damage by the time the fire department could put it out.

No one was hurt . . . there’s no word on whether he might be facing arson charges.

On the bright side, the fire department says he almost definitely killed the spider.  Quote, “I’m pretty sure the spider did not survive this fire.  The whole wall went.”

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