Archie Dies in His Next Comic . . . by Jumping in Front of a Bullet to Save His Gay Friend…

 In the original “Archie” comics, Archie is a lovable, accident-prone 17-year-old, and his best friend is Jughead.  But there’s also a spin-off called “Life with Archie” where he’s an adult.  And tomorrow . . . Archie is going to DIE.

 Archie Andrews

“Life with Archie” is MUCH edgier than the comic strip.  And since the first issue came out back in 2010, it’s tackled subjects like breast cancer and healthcare reform.

In April, the makers revealed that Archie would die in the second-to-last issue, which comes out tomorrow.  Now we know HOW he dies . . . he jumps in front of a BULLET to save his best friend, Kevin Keller, who’s gay.

archie killed 2

Keller is a senator who’s recently been pushing for more gun control in the series, which makes it an even MORE obvious political statement.



The publisher explained, quote, “We wanted to do something that was impactful that would really resonate with the world . . . [Archie] could have saved Betty.  He could have saved Veronica.  But metaphorically, by saving Kevin, a new Riverdale is born.”



By the way, this doesn’t mean Archie is gone for good.  He’s still in several OTHER spinoffs, including one called “Afterlife with Archie” . . . about a ZOMBIE INVASION in Riverdale.  And the original “Archie” comic strip isn’t going anywhere.

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