A Woman Fell 50 Feet While Sleepwalking and Survived . . . Because She Didn’t Wake Up!?!?!

 When you hear that someone fell 50 feet from a window onto concrete and SURVIVED, you want to know how.  And this woman has an answer.

24-year-old Amy Wigfull of South Yorkshire, England was on vacation in Spain last month, and ended up sleepwalking in her hotel room.  And somehow she opened the window, and fell 50 feet . . . straight down onto the concrete.

The spot Amy Wigfull is where she landed

And she says she survived because she never woke up.

Quote, “If I had woken up as I was falling I would have been dead.  But because I was still asleep, my body was in a relaxed state when I hit . . . if I had been awake and tense the injuries would’ve been catastrophic.”

Amy did need several surgeries . . . but she was out of the hospital in just eight days and she’s already walking again.  She still needs crutches, but she’s hoping to be walking without them by September.

(Daily Mirror)

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