A Guy Camped Out So He’d Be the First Person to Buy Weed in Washington . . . and Got Fired When His Boss Found Out…Zoinks!!!

On Monday, a 30-year-old security guard named Mike Boyer showed up at the first pot dispensary in Spokane, Washington 19 HOURS before it opened . . . and camped out overnight so he’d be the first person in Spokane to buy legal weed.

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He was in a tie-dyed shirt . . . obviously . . . which he says he’s, quote, “Been rockin’ [for] about 12 years.”  We know this because the local news did a story on him while he was parked on the sidewalk . . . with Doritos and Mountain Dew on hand.

But when his BOSS saw the story the next morning . . . he FIRED HIM.  Mike says getting canned was definitely a “buzzkill”, but refused to let it ruin a huge day . . . so he smoked a bunch of pot, then slept for ten hours.

He says he has no regrets, and his reasoning is pretty solid.  Quote, “A man can always get a job.  But a man can only be the first person to buy recreational cannabis in Spokane once.”

He posted his resume on Craigslist on Wednesday, with the title, “Lost My Job – Still #1 Though!”  And he hopes getting fired is a blessing in disguise that’ll lead to his dream job . . . working at a marijuana dispensary.

Actually, he described it as “EVERYBODY’S” dream job.

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