We have a winner! Do you want to win?? Tips on how to win below!



Today we hid Transformers Movie tickets, 4 tickets to the Bakersfield Blaze, and A Home Depot gift card! It was found fast… people are getting better and better… Want the advantage? I will give you tips on how to increase your odds below! But first Congrats to our well deserving family of 7 they said they could really, really , really , really ,really , really , really use the free stuff! Next item up is going to be amazing!!!





So the question is becoming “How do i win?” Here’s 5 things to do to increase your odds!

1. Make sure you are subscribed to Www.DjDannyHill.com

2.Get your friends to sign up too… from all over town… That way if its near “Sara’s” House then she could get to the prize in ┬áless than 2 min and it would take you 15 min to get there. So you split it:)

3. ┬áMake sure you “Favorite” the emails sent from Www.DjDannyHill.com so when they come in you will get alerted immediately.

4. Be mobile. Make sure can get from point A to Point B quickly and safely.

5. Read the clues “out loud” like an idiot wrote it…(Me) then you will understand! Good luck!




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