Man Walks Into McDonald’s With Knife Sticking Out of His Back


man stabbed in back

A guy in New York City walked into a McDonald’s yesterday with a six-inch kitchen Knife sticking out of his back, and blood soaking through his shirt.  He’d just been attacked, and obviously he was in shock, because he was talking calmly on his cell phone.  Eventually he fainted, and was taken to the hospital in serious condition.  (This is Tromaine Yancey, who was at the McDonald’s for a job interview, which is in Jamaica, Queens.  He says the guy was on the phone with a friend or family member, saying it might be the last time they’d hear from him.


Customers gathered to make sure the man, whose blood was pouring down his back, didn’t collapse. Police say he was taken to Jamaica Hospital, where he is in serious condition.


 According to police, the man, 50, had been involved in a fight with two men they are still looking for.

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